Work is an important part of life.  It is estimated that we spend one third of our lives at our jobs.   I believe that we deserve for this time away from our personal lives and family to feel a certain way: safe, supportive, enriching, productive, and fulfilling.  The relationship we have with our co-workers is a valuable one.  Many of us spend as much time with our co-workers and colleagues as we do our family members.   As such, it is essential that this relationship be nurtured and supported so that it may be rich, functional, and worthwhile. 

Art therapy groups and workshops work for your team to:

-Increase motivation, productivity, and creative problem solving 

-To build strong and healthy working relationships

-Foster healthy communication

-Create a positive and harmonious workspace

-Promote team building and cooperation

 -Prevent burnout

-Repair damaged or strained relationships

-Address and remove harmful behaviours such as bullying, verbal abuse, sexual harassment, racism, sexism, passive-agressiveness, and poor boundaries.