Creating healing spaces

I came home from a busy day, I kicked off my shoes, and flopped myself on to the couch.  I was very happy to be home and I was feeling grateful for the time to relax.  As I looked around my living room I thought of how the space invited me in, and made me feel safe and comfortable.   The couch with all the pillows and blankets, the soothing color on the walls, and the pieces of art placed here and there were all things I had chosen to evoke a certain feeling.  This got me thinking about our ability to act on our environment.  We have the ability to create healing spaces.   It doesn’t have to happen on a large scale, there is ease with starting small...tiny even.   A healing space can be a corner of a room, a place on a wall, a spot on the fridge, or even something portable.  With that in mind I created a tiny altar with a candle and some special stones and crystals.  Where could you create your own little healing space?  What would you put in yours?