Sand Tray

Sifting through the sand is irresistible, and not just to children!  Sand tray or sand play is an expressive therapy technique that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.  It reminds me of making dioramas out of shoeboxes and modeling clay in elementary school.  There was a special sort of satisfaction that came from being in charge of creating a tiny world.  I get the same feeling when I make pictures in the sand tray.  You can use figurines to create a scene or world in the sand.  You can dig in the sand and create hills, valleys, water, or sky.  Or, you can use small tools to make patterns in the sand like your own Zen garden.  Due to its symbolic and playful nature, sand tray is an excellent tool for problem solving and exploring new possibilities.  It also lends itself well to exploring trauma and healing from trauma, as it is gentle, contained, and grounding.