Painting your demon

We all have that voice in our head that is less than helpful.  In fact, at times it is downright detrimental to our happiness and wellbeing.  Feelings of fear, anxiety, self-doubt, shame, apathy, hopelessness, and anger can interfere with our ability to live our lives fully.  Identifying our trouble spots and making art about them can help us overcome them.  It is important to get to know these darker parts of ourselves because even though they make things difficult for us, they often serve an important purpose.  It can be easy to feel like our feelings are working against us, and that our brains are sabotaging our attempts to be successful and happy.  But, we have good reasons for feeling the way that we do, and even our hard feelings serve protective functions.  Through art making we can discover how these feelings originated, how they became entrenched, what purposes they serve for us, and how we might make friends with our feelings and learn to feel a little differently.