A wearable reminder

“Pretty beads, that’s a nice accessory” you might think if you were to see one of these beauties on the arm of a friend or passer-by.  But these eye-catching bracelets each have a secret message.  They are rich with personal meaning and symbolism, and each one tells a personal story.  They are from a workshop on building strength and resiliency held this past weekend.  I wanted to create an object that could be taken back into regular life, and that would be a reminder of the time spent together this weekend.  I’m a big fan of transitional objects.  Sometimes we really need a touchstone, or a physical reminder that we are strong, we are competent, and we have done great things!  What a better way than a special piece of jewelry?  There are so many ways to approach this activity, and everyone took their own unique way.  People choose colors that were meaningful, some chose specific beads to represent specific things, some incorporated found items and charms, and some chose to focus on a wish or intention to infuse their project with. I love this activity.  A fantastic way to end a fantastic group, I will be wearing mine proudly.